Public Transport

What do you think about public transport? How much do you use it?

I live in San Francisco, and public transport is decent, better than some location in the Bay Area but not the best in the world. It’s also hard to find parking in San Francisco though.

It isn’t perfect. The biggest issue that I encountered a couple of times would be related to predictability. I’m okay with 15 minutes interval, as long as 15 minutes is 15 minutes, not 20 minutes, or 10 minutes.

In my opinion, the most significant benefits as the rider to use public transportation is the predictability. I love that I know the train will come in five minutes and me walking to the stop is 3 minutes, and it’ll take 29 minutes to arrive at the destination stop, and I’ll be on time for the 10.45am meeting.

When you take that away, it decreases the incentive to use public transport.

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